воскресенье, 15 января 2017 г.

Shades of black. Winter OOTD

Hello, dear readers!

    This is the first outfit of 2017. Truly speaking, I made this one a little bit earlier and now it's time to present it!

    So, let's leave some words about this very casual look. First of all, it consists almost of black things (only hat is grey one :) Last look was without this warm black coat - but I don't know what would I do without it. It was manufacuted by Zara Man, that's why this coat is really usefull, stylish and comfortable.

    The next point of this chart will be.. oh, it's really hard to decide what is more important for me in this season, so I would tell about pants: checkered trousers - also Zara and also only pleasant sensations.

   Then, the 3rd thing is basic black roll neck sweater: it was a gift from my grandma, that's why I don't know who is the manufacturer, but something like that you can buy in shops like Pull&Bear, Zara, Bershka ect.

   The next position would be the hat - it was really quite hard choice for me - I looked for this one nearly 2 years and found in the Amsterdam :) So, this is one more advantage for travelling.
   Shoes - dark brown leather Chelsea boots from France.
    The last part is devoted to accessories: the backpack and glasses and both of them are made in Ukraine. I'm happy that my country can create things that have really good quality and can can compete with foreign manufacturers.
  Gud backpack ЕБШ edition- the most comfortable backpack I've ever  had.
  Glasses - Made in Kharkiv.

Wish you all the best!
See you soon :)

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